Plasmedic is Australia's largest and most popular Plasma Skin Tightening company for a reason. We pride ourselves on our research, development, education, honesty and integrity. We are perfectionists in what we do so you can be sure you are training with a reputable company. Plasmedic is an innovative treatment offering Non Surgical Blepharoplasty and Wrinkle Reduction using our state of the art Plasma IQ device.

Our Plasma IQ Device is truly one of a kind and has been designed and manufactured in POLAND by Polish and Italian Engineers with over 30 years experience manufacturing Medical and Aesthetic devices. Using only the highest possible materials and technology you can offer the best possible treatments confidently and safely. 

Plasma IQ is designed to be used by Aesthetic and Medical Practitioners. The device uses microbeams of plasma to eliminate first signs of ageing and restore a younger look. Plasma IQ is an intelligent solution for non-invasive eyelid lifts and wrinkle reduction treatment. Our Plasma IQ Device is ARTG INCLUDED










 We offer an intensive TWO DAY training course in Plasmedic Plasma Treatmentto make sure you are well equipped with as much knowledge as possible to perform treatments.

You will complete 8 treatments on 4 models while training with us which will help with your advertising to promote the new treatments in your salon/clinic.


* Theory - About Plasmedic
               - How Plasma works on the skin
               - Areas that can be treated
               - Skin types and who is suitable
               - Learn our unique skin tightening method
               - Mapping and Patterns
               - Treating Age Spots, Milia, Skin Tags
               - Health & Safety
               - Pre & Post Care
               - Treatments to help the healing process
               - Contraindications
               - Anesthetics
               - All about the Plasmedic Device
               - Plasmedic Product Information
               - Setting up your work area
               - Insurance Information
               - All Client Forms hard copy and digital

* Practicing with your Plasma IQ Device
* Watching a complete upper Blepharoplasty and Wrinkle Removal demonstration
* Practical training treating 4 models each.
* Lunch provided
* Certificate of Completion
* Plasmedic Device Complete Kit including:           
                - 1x Plasma IQ Device
                - 10x Plasma IQ Device Tips
                 - 1x Training Manual
                - 1x Access to all Marketing Material
                - 1x Skin Cleanser
                - 1x Burn Aid Cream
                - 1x Plasmedic Camouflage Aftercare LIght
                - 1x Camoflauge Aftercare Medium
                - 1x Plasmedic Balance Prep Cream
                - 1x Plasmedic Silver Gel
* Added to our Official Plasmedic Therapists Facebook Group
* Ongoing Email & Telephone Support