About Us

Plasmedic is Australia's largest and most popular Plasma Skin Tightening company for a reason. We pride ourselves on our research, development, education, honesty and integrity. We are perfectionists in what we do so you can be sure you are training with a reputable company.
Fibroblast treatments are an innovative treatment offering Non Surgical Blepharoplasty and Wrinkle Reduction using our state of the art device that is listed on the ARTG.
Plasmedic treatments are designed to be performed by Aesthetic and Medical Practitioners and offers an amazing solution for non-invasive eyelid lifting and wrinkle reduction treatments. Many devices on the market do not offer a true Plasma Arc but an electric arc instead which is not safe to be used around the eye area. The difference with a true Plasma Arc is there is less risk of burns because it works on the skin evenly and superficially compared to an electric arc which is very narrow and penetrates too deep causing a higher risk of burns and scarring and less ability to get a uniform application during treatment.
Always be sure the device you purchase is classified a medical device and is listed on the ARTG.